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Mental Math, Soroban Abacus Math, & Free Learning Via Computer

Buy Cheap Mental Math, Soroban Abacus Math, & Free Learning Via Computer

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MathSecret's soroban style abacus is enhanced with purple color on the top row. MathSecret abacus is portable and easy to fit into bags or folders. MathSecret abacus can offer older children an alternative approach to fun math learning, and is great for younger children to exciting math learning.
Children can learn manipulative math via abacus. By turning complex numbers into easy to comprehend graphical symbols, MathSecret has turned the once boring subject into a fun-filled, game playing experience.
By enhancing students ability to perform in mathematics, MathSecret learning allows children to boost self confidence, increase memorization, improve creativity, and more... the ripple effects of learning MathSecret is endless!

Technical Details

- INCLUDING 10-minute per day FREE learning material via computer (purchase not required/internet required.) Allow children to learn basic numbers, math, and calculation using manipulative method. By converting numbers into graphical symbols, children can learn math starting at younger age (age 3 or above) and achieve faster calculation speed and increased accuracy. With better math, children confidence in learning will be enhanced, allowing them to better tackle other subjects in school and other challenges in life.
- MathSecret students were not born "geniuses." They are normal children that has learned math using MathSecret, showing the ability of human brain to calculate at speed faster than calculator. Revealing the negligence of current education system to fully challenge childrens potentials. MathSecret is the easiest way to let children learn math. Comes with FREE Learning via computer. (Connection to internet is required.) FREE Registration is required!
- Learning MathSecret will allow children to enhance not just math, but parents will also notice children's focus level, creativity, memorization, optimism, and self confidence have also been improved.
- Designed by MathSecret, this abacus is similar to traditional Japanese soroban abacus with a few improvements. First is we have introduced color to top row, allowing children's imagination to be enhanced with the dimension of color. Another improvement is by shifting the dots on the horizontal separation bar to between vertical columns, helping children avoid confusion in their early math learning years. MathSecret Abacus is constructed with black plastic frame, plastic pearls, and plastic horizontal bar. Vertical stems are made of eco-friendly bamboo. Product is Made in China (hint: do not expect great quality,) but covered by American LIFE-TIME WARRANTY, (check below for details on LIFE-TIME WARRANTY.)
- FREE LIFE-TIME WARRANTY from MathSecret, coverage includes damage, accidental breakage, and even loss. (*Shipping fees may apply).
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Customer Buzz
 "Glitchy web site, unable to access lessons" 2010-01-30
By Martha Loutzenhiser (San Diego, CA)
I would give the soroban high marks only because I know how to use it. I purchased this course to use with my scout troop. I was surprised to see that I only get the first 10 minutes free but I haven't been able to use them after several attempts.

Customer Buzz
 "STAY AWAY...SCAM!!!!" 2010-01-13
By Web Dev (Seattle, WA)
This is an absolute scam. Sure, for $15 ($10 + $5 shipping) you get a cheap plastic abacus, but the free lifetime Web site??? What a JOKE!!! There is NOTHING of value there. This is a cheap attempt to get email addresses from you and to profit from sale of a cheap plastic toy. The site is created by someone who not only doesn't speak English, but has no clue about Web programming or instructional design. It is absurd and I will complain to Amazon about this scam. Forewarned is forearmed. -100 is my score.

Customer Buzz
 "Smaller than I realized" 2009-12-30
By preschoolteacher937 (Ohio)
I purchased 2 of these for our preschool because we always have students from Japan. It was smaller than I realized it would be, but workable. Even our American students like to use them to count the beads, so it is useful even for the students who don't know the correct way to add, etc. with it.

Customer Buzz
By Stacy Franklyn (Minneapolis, MN USA)
Been watching my 12 year old son learning MathSecret for the past 4 months, I was literally floored by the ability of this ancient toy to turn my son completely around in math. Within this short period, he had shown shocking improvement in his math class from a "merciful" D last year to tops in his class.

MathSecret's material is not really built for 6th graders, but, with a D, my son, my husband, and I were willing to try anything!!! MathSecret's math learning starts at ground level of 1+1, seemly irrelevant for a 12 year old kid, but what it does is to solidify math learning from ground level. It opened his eyes to how much fun math can be, and how fast he can calculate compared to us using calculator; and from the enhance self confidence in not being afraid of math, he started to pay attention in math class. I literally saw improvement in less than one month. I STRONGLY URGE ALL STUDENTS TO RE-LEARN MATH THIS WAY!

MathSecret's material is fun and creative. Its use of computer games disguised the boredom of math. Of course MathSecret is new and there are still a few things awaiting improvements, but nothing is perfect out there, the team at MathSecret is working hard at every single one of our suggestions; and that alone would get my vote anytime of the day.

I have purchased 10 more basic learning packages from MathSecret for my mothers' club's children, and everyone is showing much excitement and improved math. Oh, by the way, this is not on their website yet, but they have a program that trains school math teachers for FREE. I have referred quite a few local math teachers to MathSecret and many of them are also amazed.

Customer Buzz
 "by far, the best way to learn math." 2009-09-01
By Y. Huang (New York, NY USA)
I started my 9 year old son's learning on MathSecret in the beginning of summer. He did not do too well in his last school year's math class. But, after starting learning via MathSecret, he has shown great interest in learning math. A complete surprise to my husband and I. Especially he was diagnosed with ADHD and could not even sit for lengthy period of time (more than a few minutes) learning anything... He has shown a lot of patience learning MathSecret and actually able to show positive results too!

The online learning games are fun and interesting to him too. My two other daughters, age 6 and 3, also begged me to started their own learning using MathSecret and have demostrated amazing results within only a few weeks. I was astonished when my 3 year old shown me the correct answers of many 2 digits plus 2 digits questions. I still have yet to teach her how to write 3, 5, and 9 facing the right directions.

Only if this was available 30 years ago when i was a child, I would have done much better in math!!! I recommend MathSecret strongly!

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Buy Mental Math, Soroban Abacus Math, & Free Learning Via Computer Now


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